If you are like me, your interest in political theory has peaked within the past few years. Throughout the next few weeks, I would like to share a post per day regarding various political theories including their origination, historical context, implementation, and current relevance. I never thought in my lifetime that would see so many people in the United States openly support Socialism or Communism, and yet Bernie Sanders almost won the Democratic nomination! I believe that we allowed this to happen because our schools are too concerned with soft, “political correctness,” with a fear of offending a group of people who hold certain ideas. They are being taught that anyone who has ideas separate of their own are inherently evil. I hope that this blog will serve as an educational outlet for diverse political views, supplying facts rather than anecdotal support for their claims.

Please note that the opinions in these essays do not reflect those of a specific political party and are only intended for critical, educational, and even entertainment purposes. If you would like to discuss a specific topic, please email me and I will be happy to review the suggestion.

I am a huge supporter of our Constitutional rights, so I welcome all views to aid in discussion. I will not block anyone unless they outright threaten harm to another person. You have the freedom of speech. You may choose to exercise that freedom in any way you see fit, however you should understand that there are consequences for our actions. You are free to eat whatever you want, but you should know that if you only drink 20 liters of cola every day, you will likely get ill and die- it is a consequence of your decision. Likewise, our speech has consequence. I understand that I cannot cuss at work and if I constantly say “FUCK!” I will likely get fired. I can’t argue for my First Amendment right to say “FUCK!” because the contract of employment likely outlined a required professional decorum policy- I am not sure because it was 7 years ago and who really reads them anyway?

There are many political agendas being propped up by people in the public light, namely celebrities and the mass media. The myth of the wage gap is spread as truth, the constant barrage of insults for our president is a daily expectation, terrorism is trending around the world, and the social programs run by our government encourage societal dependence on a centralized authority. We are losing our independence and conservatives who stand up and shout opposition or even predictions of our downfall are silenced, labeled as alt-right, racist, sexist, homophobic bigots.

I am very interested in researching the topics that are being publicized right now. I want to explore their validity in the media. I want to keep an objective view! I know that what I’ve said already makes it seem like I am anti-left or against the democratic party, but I’m not! I am literally the only conservative person in my group of friends. But what I seek more than pushing a political agenda is uncovering the truth. I welcome you to join me on this journey!

If you are wondering about my political affiliation, I am a Conservative Libertarian.

My Political Compass:


If you would like to see where you land on the Political Compass, I suggest you take the test: https://www.politicalcompass.org/test


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